Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a girl!


I know nobody cares about ultrasound pictures but the mommies and daddies, but here is my gorgeous daughter, Louise Elliott Steinmiller.

We found out this morning that baby #2 is a girl! My Scouty B is going to have a little sister. I'm so excited. I would have been happy with a boy, of course, but since I already have one girl and she's so great, I really wanted another one. And now we can use the 50 bazillion storage bins of girl clothes we have in the attic. :)

This afternoon, it was chilly, but the sun was out.

My big-girl, big sister, little baby bee and I went to Schenley Park and took a walk across three different bridges, looking for trains. We stopped at Schenley Park Cafe and had apple juice and grilled Brie and Orange Marmalade sandwiches on locally baked whole grain bread and couscous.

Then we walked to the Main Carnegie Library and played with cars and read books until I was honestly starting to fall asleep holding my girl on the comfy couch in the Children's Department.

We collected sweet gum pinecones on our way back to the car and Scouty fell in love with them, like they're living, breathing things. As soon as we walked in the door, she tucked one into her sleeping bag on the living room floor.


Night night, little Spikey Guy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I like...

I like having the day all to myself, today. It's supposed to be in the high 30's outside, so I'm hoping to get out to walk. It's only 28 degrees, so far. Go little, watery sun, go! It's been sunny for the past two days and the 2ft of snow on the ground has developed an icy crust, full of mini-diamonds. If you look closely enough, you feel like you're inside of a christmas display with fake snow.

I like...

...that kurt did the laundry I was planning to start my day with, while I was sleeping last night.

...that Scouty talks and talks and talks all day long. She's the most interesting and funny person I've ever met.

...Feather and Justin and Eliot. We went to Eliot's 3rd b-day party this weekend and it was nice. They're just really nice people.

(Lately, at little Birthday Parties, there's usually so much worry over making sure proper thank you's are said and that every gift is written down so that Thank You cards can be sent. Social manners like that, especially where kids are concerned, make me feel clumsy and uncomfortable, and I end up not being able to control the volume of my voice and wrestling over myself not to say the word pee in front of Grandmother, or something. I'm not full of very many graces.)

...getting kid's book from the library and reading them in bed with my little pea face for hours and hours at a time. (Even when she can't hold still for more than 2 seconds and constantly knees me in the ribs.) I like all the little books. I like hearing their stories and seeing their varied illustrations. I like how Scouty responds to the Grumpy Little Owl by saying, "That wasn't very nice, was it?" and how she's afraid of all bears, even nice ones who are looking for their stuffed bunnies.

...Brussel's Sprouts.


...and real food, in general. I've developed a weirdness with white flour and chemicals. I'll eat something like pizza every once in a while and I think that I can actually FEEL how bad it was for me, even if it tasted yummy. I ate pizza this weekend and other candy/cakey things and while they were yummy and fun, I can't wait to get back to eating ridiculous amounts of green things.

...these chubby little hands:


...that this dance party took place a few days ago:


...that we've decided to have a private ceremony somewhere outside with people who won't complain about traveling in the city and standing for too long in the sunlight. (I'm pulling for an overlook on top of Mt. Washington.) And then we'll have a public reception with everybody at the venue we reserved. Plus, we'll have a natural backdrop for the wedding and won't have to decorate that aspect of the day and the pictures will be beautifully lit by accident.

This month has been so trying, hasn't it? I'm sure I feel this way every year, but February is almost unsurvivable for me. I have been having vivid and obscene daydreams about warmth and sunlight and fresh air. Kurt and I have been talking about retiring to somewhere in The South. Savannah or Charleston. We keep to ourselves enough that the politics won't bother us. We just want humidity and kudzu and slow drinks in the unbearable heat. Anyway, I can't focus anymore on the things I DON'T like about being in the middle of a winter. Being poor matters too much when you can't spend free afternoons in the grass with a bowl of berries.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day


I've mentioned that I'm pregnant, right?
I'm 18.5 weeks and as I'm sitting here, my second little baby is kicking inside of me.

It's because I've eaten too many jelly beans.

We let Scouty pick what we did for Valentine's Day today and she wanted to go to the Science Center.



I love you, little pea.
I can't believe you're going to be a big sister.

For my V-day present, Kurt and Scouty got me a pregnancy massage from here:
I have been dreaming about a massage all pregnancy, so far.

Daddy and Baby B are visiting with Grammy and Pappap and I've got a quiet house to work on one of these and one of these.

Forever sewing stripes.

I have been getting very into baby planning mode. I'm going to cloth diaper this time around. I had good intentions when SB was a baby, but the plan never really came to life. This time, I'm stocking up well ahead of time, (mostly with BumGenius) and I want to make a bunch of wool and fleece covers for prefolds and fitteds. And that makes me want to take my sewing in a whole new (read: babier) direction and stop thinking of new skirts and sew little tiny things out of bright, therapeutic colors.

But, for now, I need to finish my stripes and do some yoga.
I have a cold, but I'll feel better if I get all stretched out and warm.